why does aoba look like he’s gonna drop the hottest album of the yearimage

Sly Blue´s hit album “DRAMAtical MOMENTS" hits stores August 15th, featuring popular artists such as:

Bring the Noiz,



Snakes and Lions,


and Clear and the Jellyfish.

Including Smash Hits like:

"Who Let The Dog In?"

"Cinnamon Pain"

"Robotic Love"

"Love BITEZ"

"Double Trouble"

and “Curly Hair”




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How did he pass the bar exam again


height difference is my weakness…i may have exaggerated it a little bit ๑´ㅂ`๑)


ふりーまとめ | せりさわ 
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They are waiting for Aoba to come back with snacks and starbucks =/v/=


This merman caught a boy (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

Done! Everyone has done a mermaid AU, but I wanted to do one anyway.

mer!Haru is too intrigued by Rin to run swim away after saving him… But they can’t exactly communicate because Haru doesn’t know any human language.

Mermaid AU comics to come… sometime soon (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


So I coloured it….



cute as shit minao from ahmerst's fic, forty bones !!!!!!



Cannot resist :’)

Yeah their band’s name is ‘Dicksquad’ 

Based on this like holy shit Ren’s voice why would you be an allmate to force Aoba to listen to you when you can be a singer instead  :’)))))))

I spent 20 minutes writing out a response to this and my phone at it. Fuck you tumblr app.

Okay so Aoba becomes an avid fan of this band. He gets a free ticket one day to the concert when his friend suddenly can’t go. Entirely by chance, Aoba discovers the wonderful music that is ‘Dick Squad’.

It’s mostly rough ballad, hard rock music and songs about heartbreak and unrequited love, the inability to feel and troubled childhoods. But it’s entirely captivating and Aoba develops a crush on the lead singer, Ren.

After a few years of attending every single concert he can, Aoba plucks up the courage to try his luck and go backstage. He is immediately whisked to Ren’s dressing room, and swallowing his nerves, Aoba knocks on the door.

Ren promptly answers, and the hard demeanour, the rude and short worded attitude Aoba expects is strangely absent. In contrast, Ren is very polite, well spoken and considerate - he offers Aoba a biscuit and something to drink, and the two start talking.

'I am grateful to you,' Ren says, 'For attending all my concerts.'

'O-Oh? You… noticed? W-Well! I'd attend 500 million more in the future, so please look out for me.'

'Then, in that case. I am grateful to you 500 million times over.'

Aoba flushes and as Ren begins to get changed into his casual wear, he offers Aoba a VIP pass for their future concerts. Aoba avidly accepts and the two part ways, if a little reluctantly.

The next concert arrives and Ren announces at the end they have a new song, exclusive to this concert. It’s called ‘Kochira Koso’, and the chorus Ren pelts out that he is ‘grateful 500 million times over, baby’.

Aoba knows it’s for him and becomes giddy and embarrassed all at the same time. He dashes backstage in his excitement but his heart is quickly broken. He sees a beautiful, tall blond haired woman exiting Ren’s room. She has a haughty look on her face and appears to be fixing her clothing.

Devastated though he has no right, Aoba slips the pass under Ren’s door and makes a hasty retreat. 

He misses several concerts and album releases. He cannot take it; his little school girl crush shattered around him. That is, until he hears a song on the radio.


It’s about a man in love, unable to reach out and touch the one he loves. The lyrics focus on how his love is like a parasite, eating away at his sanity, destroying his reason, making him unable to exist in the world so he’ll ‘just disappear’. 

It calls to Aoba, who resigns himself to buying tickets to their next concert. Something in the sorrowful way Ren sings, the unusual softness to the music that is normally quite hard, makes him go.

At the end of the concert Ren announces a new song.

His eyes lock onto Aoba, who had until that point gone unnoticed.

'It's for a special member of the audience, and it's called “Welcome Home”. Please enjoy it.'

Aoba knows the song is for him. He can feel it in his bones, and when the concert is over he makes his way backstage again, knocks on Ren’s door. Before he even finishes the second knock he’s pulled inside, and into a tight embrace.

'I'm sorry. I can't help myself.' Ren apologises huskily, squeezing Aoba a little tighter.

'W-We might upset someone if we get caught like this, though.' Aoba says quietly, thinking of that girl. 'You know, the tall blond one.'

'Clara? Is she on her way?' Ren releases Aoba instantly, panicked. 'We must leave quickly.' Grabbing Aoba's hand, Ren dashes from the room, sneaking out of the venue quicker than a cat after a mouse.

They run for what seems eternity, until they find themselves panting breathlessly down a small alleyway, their bodies pushed close together.

'Aoba…' Ren whispers, 'I… I want to touch you.'

'I'd… I'd like that.'

Ren leans down and kisses Aoba, at first shyly, gaining in confidence. It soon turns passionate, and against better judgement, Aoba ends up letting Ren fuck him against the wall.

'I'm going to need a bath now,' Aoba says, laughing shyly, and adds, 'You want to join me?'

'Yes, that would be good.' Ren answers bluntly, and Aoba sputters at the earnest and quick response.

Taking Ren’s hand in his own they walk back towards Aoba’s house.

'How am I going to tell my grandma I have the vocalist for Dick Squad in my bedroom?'

Ren laughs, and Aoba realises it’s the first time he’s ever seen such a carefree expression on Ren’s face. 

'We'll tackle the obstacle together.



Assassin’s Creed with kittens.


"Isn’t ‘defeat’ more like a trial you need to overcome? Of whether or not you can stand up and walk again, after falling to your knees?"

I needed an outlet after that last episode ;; Full size is best!


was thinking about 3rd year kuroko…. captain kuroko…. can you imagine